Do you look for some modifications for your car. We offer both well-known brands as also custom made solutions for your car.




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Give your EV a more sporty and elegant appearance with a full body kit.

Give your EV a more sporty and elegant appearance with a front splitter.

Front splitters


Carbon performance parts

Give your EV a more sporty and elegant appearance with a set of side skirts.



Give your EV a more sporty and elegant appearance with a spoiler


Give your EV a more sporty and elegant appearance with a diffuser.

Brabus exterior elements

Heinz Performance is a official Brabus dealer.

Wheels & Chassis


Interior lighting

We offer different options to add or change the interior lighting of your EV.

Fully customized interior 

Interior detailing


Want to improve the air intake of your car? We can offer you different intake options resulting in more power/torque and a better sound.

We offer only the best brands such as Eventuri and BMC


Want a better exhaust sound or more power and torque or both?

Installing a downpipe offers these advantages.

We offer both decatted downpipes and downpipes with sport catalysts.

We only work with the best quality and offer different brands, this way we can offer downpipes for most cars.

Want to take your engine tuning to the next level?

We can offer bigger and reinforced turbo chargers

Bigger & reinforced turbo's


Getter better engine performance by lowering the intake air temperature.

We offer bigger and reinforced turbochargers.


We offer a wide variety of sport exhaust systems, with brands such as Remus, Kline Innovation, Milltek, Akrapovic, Ragazzon and Friedrich Motorsport

And if we don’t have a sport exhaust for your car, we can modify the original exhaust system.

This way we get a nice sporty sound, and the car still passes the technical control.

Custom exhaust

Active sound

In order to realise a beautiful sporty sound and therefore a more intense driving experience, an active sound system is often installed on sporty exclusive cars (where the standard sound doesn’t match its performance).

11 Sounds

you can choose between 11 sounds including the famous Maserati diesel sound, Nissan GTR, Porsche active sound, AMG sound, RS sound,...

5 Profiles

You can set up to 5 profiles and link them to drive select (comfort, sport, sport plus,..) or other button of the onboard electronics.


You can further fine-tune these sounds to your liking.

Pops & Bangs

You can turn them on or off.

ECU Programming 

Need more power and torque?

We can perform a remap of the ECU in order to obtain maxium power and torque figures without losing reliability.

All remap’s are in-house developments and are tested extensivly on our dyno and on the road.

To meet at each demand we offer different stage.

Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 2

is just a remap of the ECU without changing any other parts. Maximum power without losing reliability from the standard setup of your engine.

2 means we change intake, downpipe or full ehxaust, intercooler (if necessary) and do a remap of the ECU in order to match the ECU software with the new parts and get the most power out of it. Also with maximum reliability.

means we take it to the next level. Same as stage 2, but here also the fuel system and turbocharger are upgraded.

Heinz Control Unit (HCU)

Most new cars (2022) have a tuning protection in the ECU (engine control unit) and therefore a power increase with a remap isn’t possible. 

This is why we developped our Heinz Control Unit. It’s an additional control unit that can be installed/removed quite easily. Once removed it doesn’t leave any traces, so factory warranty is maintained! We obtain nice power and torque gains, wich improves acceleration and performances of your car.


Driving experience is not only fuelled by power, but also by sound!


We offer a wide range of light, high quality wheels for all premium vehicules

Besides giving your car a better look and making it yours, you can get better handling with a lighter wheel.

For maximum lowering and the best handling we have a large offer of coilover suspensions, which enables us to give the best solution for your specific use and needs.

Is your car equipped with air suspension? With our drop links we can lower the car up to 40mm.

With this upgrade we give the car a better look and more sporty ride.

We also perform a wheel alignment to ensure ne extra tyre wear and the best possible handling.

Drop links

Heinz suspension modules

For most premium vehicules equipped with standard air suspension we offer and air suspension module.

Active Suspension Control – the practical air suspension control for individual lowering

With the Heinz Active Suspension Control we offer a control unit fitted as standard air suspension kits - which makes a fully customized lowering possible!

Quality is important to us, therefore no external buttons are needed, and the original state of the respective vehicle is safeguarded. The Active Suspension Control (short: ASC) is simply connected via Plug&Play to the control device of the air suspension.

With the help of a specially developed app (available for Android and Apple) our Active Suspension Control, is operated easily using a smartphone. Alternatively, a control over the original built-in controls is possible.


Spring kit

We offer a wide range of lowering springs from Eibach, H&R and KW,

To improve looks and handling of the car.

Fixed drop from 25 to 40mm depending on the car.

Height Adjustable Springs from KW and H&R

Similar to regular lowering springs with a very big advantage in compairison to regular lowering springs, you can choose how much you lower the car!

Adjustable drop between 15 and 40mm depending on the car.

Ideal for cars with adaptive shocks to improve the looks and handling.

Coilover suspension with/without active damping

Wheel alignment

We have our own in-house wheel alignment machine and corner balancing scales, so we can assure you to get the best possible setup and control from your new suspension.